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Product name : Automatic Vibratory bolt feeder
Item : VBSF
Price : Negotiable
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The PLC-Controlled Automatic Bolt Feeder is customized to your specific needs using your bolt samples. With everything from a custom designed bowl to a unique spring-loaded chuck jaw feed unit, the unit will ensure quality with safest and most repeatable system available.
• 300mm vibratory bowl
• PLC Microprocessor Transistor Output Controller by Keyence
• Programmable screen allows control of PLC without a laptop
• Dual key locked control panel prevents unauthorized access to controls
• Manual controls on outside of control panel
• 3 meter flexible round vinyl tube to deliver bolts to feed unit
• 200mm stroke spring-loaded chuck jaw feed unit to deliver bolts accurately to the electrode
• Specifically designed lower electrode with concave guide pin ensures concentric location of weld bolt and automatic ejection of welded bolt
• Universal mounting bracket allows feed unit mounting at nearly any angle
• Seven liter capacity bulk hopper with limit switch maintains proper supply of bolts to the vibratory bowl
• Vinyl dust cover prevents contamination from weld spatter
• Complete pneumatic system with regulator and filter
• Feed rate of up to 30 bolts per minute
Bolt separator allows individual bolts to be blown one at a time into the remotely mounted feed unit
Automatic Vibratory bolt feeder
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