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Product name : Automatic Vibratory bolt feeder
Item : YF
Price : negotiable
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Our Automatic Nut Feeder for industrial production to provide the most convenient help, and the feeder with good quality and efficient, so as to improve the production rate, reduce the production cost.
Our feeder can be designed with customers any requirement
Automation and plc control system
Feeding speed: as your feeding parts design
Approved: CCC, CE
High feeding accuracy
Safety for operators
Any other specifications please send us enquiry.
1. Basic Description
Our PLC-controlled Automatic Nut Feeder is manufactured to be the most durable and reliable nut feeder in the industry. With your nut samples, our custom manufactures feeders to accurately select and feed your nuts to the weld electrode without fail.

1). 300 mm vibratory bowl
2). PLC control system
3). A interlock between feeders and stationary spot welders is provided which enable the whole process from nut transportation to weld automatically.
4). Convenient to connect stationary spot welders of various kinds.
5). Programmable screen allows control of PLC without a laptop
6. ) Manual controls on outside of control panel
7). 3m flexible feeding hose to deliver nuts to feed unit
8). Universal mounting bracket allows mounting at almost any angle
9). Plastic dust cover prevents contamination from weld spatter
10). Complete pneumatic system with regulator and filter
11). Feed rates up to 30 nuts per minute
12). Nut separator allows individual nuts to be blown one at a time into the feed unit
13). Most reliable pneumatic and electrical units are provided.
14). CE marked

2. Benefits
1). The producing efficiency has improved greatly.
2). Unique selection mechanism deigned specifically for your nut ensures repeatability
3). Magnetic feed unit ensures accurate positioning of nut on the electrode
4). Custom designed bowls provide high feed rates
5). Specially designed feeding hose allow feeders to be located 10 or more feet from the welder electrode
6). Ability to feed nearly any shape and size of weld nut
7). Safety of the operators is farthest ensured

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Price: Negotiable