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Product name : Metal defect cold welding machine
Item : XKS-01
Price : Negotiable
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Product Name: XKS-01 Metal defect cold welding machine

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XKS-01 Metal defect/ cast iron cold welding repairing machine
Model: XKS-01
Product Description:
Light weight,easy to carry and operate which can be widely used in industrial fields. Precision dies repair,
and is widely used in hydraulic power plant, repair and strengthen colored metal, black metal, and almost all metal conductor.

1.Not only resurfacing the metal,but also strengthen the surface coating of hard alloy
such as tungsten carbide.
2.Simple operation and multi-function
3.Normal temperature welding,the structure near the welding point won’t change.
There is no influence
in the performance of mechanic machining.
4.No any pollution in the work process,no hazardous gas,can be manually operating and look at
by eyes when welding.Accurate welding position and small revision after welding.
5. The electrodes has a wide range of sources,economic and practical.

Main parameters
Input Voltage(V)AC220V Single-phase:50/60Hz
The maximum power(KVA):1.8 KVA
Second output voltage:20-160
Maximum capacity(UF):480
Frequency Variable Range(Hz)(Discharge Times/Second):40-2100
Spot Temperature (℃):8000~1000
Electrode size(mm):1.0-3.2
Size(L* W*H mm):460*300*360

Operating introduction:
Casting defect repairing machine is through micro-heat generated by electric discharge moment can special wire cladding damage to the workpiece position, and the original substrate solid welding, after welding, polishing only after very little post-processing.

Characteristics of product
1.No annealing or deformation to base metal: Basically no preheating is needed, no heat input in the instant built-up welding procedure, therefore no deformation, undercut and remaining stress , and no partial annealing, no changes to organizational status of die or product metal.
2.High welding intensity: thoroughly penetrating to surface of die material, forming combination of extremely forceful strength.
High mending precision: Thickness of built-up welding ranges from several microns to several millimeters, only grinding and polishing are needed, zero or minor chromatic aberration after weld mending.
3.Multiple functions:
It can be used for built-up welding and surface strengthening. Desired thickness and fineness of built-up welding and strengthening can be acquired by adjusting discharging power and frequency.
4.Environment friendly: no pollution during working process.
5.Practicability: Anyone can use it without operational certificate, built-up welding is capable of difficult welding.
6.Economical efficiency: On the field mending promotes production efficiency and saves costs and expenses.

Reparing scope:
Dies, forging dies, plastic injection mold, mold, die casting mold, metal products, machinery
parts, tools.
Surfacing material for repairing machines:
Aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, tool steel,
carbon steel, stainless steel, steel, semi-steel, cast steel, cast iron, cast aluminum, carbon tungsten, as well as all availableconductivity of the conductor
The defect for surfacing repair machine
Pinholes, holes, burrs, flash, bump, scratch, collapse angle, angle of fall, sand holes, cracks, wear and tear,
retraction, manufacturing errors, manufacturing defects, welding defects.Sharp corners, sharp edges, grooves,
sidewall, bottom, deep-cavity, surface, sub-type, the production line on-site repair work.

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